Building Tutorial

1. Build a basic idea

  • Draw up a basic idea of want you want the building to look like

  • It doesn't need to be as detailed as this one

2. Create a background

  • Create a background to suit your building

  • This one includes the basic outline and the back of the "rooms"

3. Perspective floor grid

  • Create half a floor grid, similar to tiles, with perspective

4. Duplicate the left side

  • Copy the left half of the grid

  • Flip it horizontal

  • Add it to the right side

5. Add the tile grid

  • Add the floor grid to the background and choose a tile pattern

  • Notice the perspective is slightly more pronounced in the tile area. This is to give the feeling of parallax distortion when we add the front glass

6. Add the walls

  • Here I have added glass walls to the sides of the rooms

  • The "glass" windows are created with dark brown panels at twelve percent opacity

7. Add furniture

  • In this case I have justed added a shop counter to each room but you could add tables, chairs a TV or whatever you want

8. Add the front

  • Add the front of the building, in this case a shop-front

  • Note that there is no "glass" in the front windows yet

9. Add window dressing

  • Add some things in the front wondow

  • Such as shop items and signs

  • The flowers and cupcakes could have been added as furniture in step 7 by adding a "stand" of some sort

10. Add some glass

  • Finally ... add some glass to the front

  • The glass is made from panels of dark brown at twenty-five percent opacity

  • The only thing left is to add doors if required